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Raiffeisen co-founder of the corporate social impact committee of AMCHAM in BIH


• The goal is to develop joint strategy for a long-standing support to the BH society

• The sustainability strategy is a key component of the business policy of Raiffeisen Bank

(Sarajevo, 01/10/2018) – “The focus of companies throughout the world is more and more moving from traditional principles of corporate social responsibility to the efforts to combine financial success achievement with the well-being of the community, whereas the goals of sustainable development are key triggers. We are very pleased to take part in the Corporate Social Impact Committee with the American Chamber of Commerce in B&H and have the opportunity to share our rich experience in sustainability management and social responsibility with others. The sustainability strategy is a key component of the RBI Group business policy“, said Belma Hadžiomerović, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications and Sustainability Management of Raiffeisen Bank, and added that a total of 1594 projects were supported last year at the level of the whole group in the total amount of EUR 3.5 million.

The Corporate Social Impact Committee in BiH has been founded with its members by the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH (AMCHAM BiH). The aim of establishing this body is assisting the companies in development of clear strategies and long-standing goals to support the BH society. The Committee has been established on 18 September. In addition to Raiffeisen Bank, its founders include the Propulsion Fund, UniCredit Bank, Addiko Bank BiH and Molson Coors BiH. 

“AmCham BiH CSI Committee is a platform for exchange of information and promotion of structural management in segment of engaged corporate citizen. A growing significance of corporate social responsibility is noticeable in our environment with an increase in corporate allocations. Therefore, the Chamber is proud of its socially responsible members who recognized a need to establish AmCham BiH Corporate Social Impact (CSI) Committee“, said Violeta Čibukčić, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH.

In addition to regular annual financial statement, Raiffeisen Bank International has been creating the Sustainability Management Report in the past few years that describes economical, environmental and social impact of the Group's business activities in terms of sustainability, in line with the GRI standards.