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Raiffeisen business breakfast with international and local customers


• Raiffeisen Bank International Flagship partner of the 2019 EBRD Business Forum

(Sarajevo, 09/05/2019) – „We are pleased to be given the opportunity to organise a business breakfast for our international and local customers as a part of the EBRD Business Forum.  Therein, colleagues from our parent company, Raiffeisen Bank International, have presented the latest trends and new digital technologies in the trade finance segment (e.g. Blockchain). Also worth noting is that Raiffeisen Bank is the leading bank in BiH when it comes to trade finance, thus holding a market share of app. 30%“, stated Mr. Karlheinz Dobnigg, President of the Management Board of Raiffeisen Bank in BiH.

“We have been present in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than 25 years. When it comes to this particular market, our main ambitions for the near future is to extend the customer base in the Retail segment, as well as the segment of small and medium enterprises, all subject to a new sales approach. We would like to use our strong market position to co-finance large infrastructure and economic projects“, stated Mr. Lukasz Januszewski, Markets and Investment Banking Management Board member of Raiffeisen Bank International.

An annual EBRD meeting is an event that covers major topics concerning the country’s economy such as strengthening small enterprises, opening new tourism opportunities and connecting local and global economies.  Raiffeisen Bank International is proud to be the Flagship partner of the EBRD Business Forum 2019.