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Housing loans of Raiffeisen BANK with a fixed interest rate


„To more space with the help of small annuities!“ – a new campaign by Raiffeisen Bank


(Sarajevo, 07.02.2018) – “Buying own apartment is one of major life investments for decades to come.  We provide reliable support to our customers in making such an important decision. As their business partner, we offer optimal solutions for financing apartment purchase from loan funds. To make them enjoy their new home and have a pleasant purchase experience, we have prepared for our customers an attractive offer of housing loans bearing a fixed interest rate“, stated Mr. Karlheinz Dobnigg, Chairman of the Management Board of Raiffeisen Bank, and added: “We have also prepared for our customers a Home Purchase Guide available at our web and Facebook sites. Our goal is to explain our customers the overall loan application process in a simple and easy way.”

For customers aiming at safe and stable repayments, Raiffeisen housing loans provide the fixed interest rate starting from 3.89% (EIR in the FB&H and DB stands at 4.38%, and in RS at 4.45%) over the first 12 years of loan repayment. Customers may also choose a housing loan with a variable interest rate starting from 3.49% (EIR in the FB&H and DB stands at 4.03%, and in RS at 4.10%). Upon expiry of the 12-year repayment period, the fixed interest rate becomes variable. 

The loan is intended for purchasing an existing or a housing unit under construction or for actual residential construction. The maximum loan amount is KM 300,000, to tenor of up to 25 years. Loan funds are disbursed directly to the seller’s/contractor’s account, while the cash difference of maximum KM 10.000 is disbursed to the borrower.

Find additional information on the campaign at:https://raiffeisenbank.ba/landing-stambeni-krediti or at the nearest branch of the Bank. The Housing Loan Guide is available at: https://rbbh-aa0d.kxcdn.com/sites/default/files/ikone/Vodic%20za%20kupovinu%20stambenih%20kredita.pdf.