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Get up ro 20% back from the Raiffeisen energy efficiency loan


•   New credit line supported by KfW Development Bank

(Sarajevo, 23/05/2019) If they choose this loan to finance their energy efficiency investments, the customers may get up to 20% back of the loan amount.  Energy efficiency investments help customers save energy, increase value of their property and, along the way, contribute to protection of environment by reducing emission of harmful gases, said Karlheinz Dobnigg, President of the Management Board of RBBH, and added that in this way Raiffeisen Bank supports and contributes to sustainable protection of environment, which is also defined in its business sustainability strategy.

Customers will get 20% back of the loan amount if the energy savings of the financed object are minimum 20% or higher.  For example, if a customer opts for the energy efficiency loan to finance replacement of windows with invoiced price of KM 7,000, they will get KM 1,400 back.

The customer will get the refund once they submit the evidence that the loan was used to finance the energy efficiency improvement.

In addition to private individuals, the energy efficiency loan is also available to small and micro companies and sole entrepreneurs at favourable conditions. Private individuals may opt either for a purpose loan for energy efficient renovation/reconstruction of a residential unit, or a housing loan for purchase of real estate with energy efficiency certificate.  Further information available at: https://raiffeisenbank.ba/stanovnistvo/krediti-za-energetsku-efikasnost.