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E -Trading


E-trading is a service by which Raiffeisen CAPITAL enables you - either as a private or institutional investor -  to directly place orders for trading on the BLSE. The e-trading application is user-friendly. In order to use it, you need to sign a Framework Brokerage Agreement with Raiffeisen CAPITAL and an Annex to the E-Trading Agreement. 


What can you do with e-trading?

  • Jednostavno i brzo izdavanje, promjenu i povlačenje naloga

    Simple and fast placing, change and withdrawal of orders

  • Pregled portfelja i stanja novčanih sredstava

    Check the balance of your personal portfolio and cash balance

  • Pregled tržišnih informacija

    Read market data

Sarajevo Stock Exchange - SASE

  • Monitoring of trading in securities
    • Through the SASE Observers web page (OBS), which you are contracting with SASE, you can monitor trading on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange in real time. You can find useful information about securities, traffic, the best buying / selling price and the depth of the market.

      Information about fees for OBS you can be found here>

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