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Debit Cards

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Raiffeisen banka je omogućila podnošenje online zahtjeva za debitne kartice i Paket usluga, uz samo jednu posjetu poslovnici Banke i to prilikom preuzimanja kartice.

Posebna pogodnost za nove klijente - Aplicirajte online za debitnu karticu i Paket usluga do 20.12.2022. godine i ostvarit ćete poklon 30 KM!

Dodatno, sve klijente koji prenesu svoja redovna mjesečna primanja u Raiffeisen banku očekuje uplata na račun i to:
- nakon uplate prve penzije - 50 KM
- nakon uplate prve plate - 100 KM

Uplata će biti realizovana na račun do 31.12.2022. godine.

Kako ispuniti online zahtjev za debitnu karticu možete pogledati OVDJE.

Debit card


With debit cards, you always have access to your funds and your business with us is easier and more efficient. We also offer you the possibility to use an overdraft on your debit card account, in case you need additional money.

You can opt for the Visa Classic debit card and/or the Mastercard debit card.

VISA Classic


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Debit card

What are the benefits of the debit card?

  • Da plaćanje u inostranstvu obavite jednostavnije

    Payments in a foreign country are easier

    There is no need for currency exchange.

  • Da koristite mogućnost BESKONTAKTNOG PLAĆANJA – Plati u pokretu!

    You can use the CONTACTLESS PAYMENT OPTION – Pay on the move!

    Fast and safe for any transaction amount.

  • Izdavanje dodatne kartice

    Additional card issuance

    With an additional debit card you can enable a person of your trust to access the funds in your debit card account. The additional card for the person of your choice is issued free of charge. 

  • M-plati usluga

    M-pay service

    Pay faster and easier at all sales outlets where you see a symbol for contactless payment.

    Contactless payment by cell phone on POS devices.

  • 3D Secure

You can check the balance and activity on your current account any time

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