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Choose the Account Set that suits you best!


Do you know that regular use of our products makes you eligible for a Tempo Account Set with lower fees or even FREE OF CHARGE?

Do you know that you can choose to use a combination of products in order to enjoy this benefit?

Choose the Account Set that suits you best!

You already hold an account set from Raiffeisen bank and want to get one of our new Account Sets?

All you need to do is visit one of our branches and sign an agreement to use the new Account Set of your choice.

Apliciraj online


Aplicirajte za Paket usluga po Vašoj mjeri! Raiffeisen banka je omogućila podnošenje online zahtjeva za Paket usluga, uz samo jednu posjetu poslovnici Banke i to prilikom preuzimanja kartice.

Tempo Account Set with lower fees or even FREE OF CHARGE


account set pi

You can use the Tempo Account Set free of charge if you have scored at least 10 points.

Each of these conditions carries 2 points:
• at least 5 transactions per months carried out online and/or via  Raiffeisen Mobile Banking in favour of legal entities’ acounts,
(For each additional 5 transactions you get another 2 points 
• average monthly limit utilisation of at least 60% on your current account/debit card,  
• average monthly limit utilisation of at least 60% on your credit card,
• salary or pension account at Raiffeisen BANK.
(As long as you have regular monthly income, you get 2 points)


Korisnik ste postojećih Paketa usluga Raiffeisen banke, a želite koristiti jedan od novih Paketa?

Potrebno je samo da posjetite poslovnicu Banke i potpišete ugovor o korištenju novog Paketa usluga po izboru.

What is included in the Account Set?


account set pi

Products and services in the Account Set

  • Current account/debit card
    • debitna karticaOpening a current account is the precondition for getting an Account set and the first step towards managing your finances more conveniently and efficiently.
      Your account set/debit card makes you eligible for the OPA application Learn more about the OPA application at  www.opa.ba 

  • Current account holder insurance
    • osiguranje tekuceg racunaOnly with an account set, we offer you current account set holder insurance in case of the cardholder’s death. 

  • Mobile and online banking
    • internet bankarstvo mobilno bankarstvoOrder execution at lower fees, access to your accounts around the clock, use anywhere with internet access, maximum safety by employing state-of-the-art technology.

  • m-pay
    • m plati placanje mobitelomPay with your mobile phone, even faster and simpler, at all sales locations labelled with the contactless sign.

  • Raiffeisen Viber Banking
    • viber bankarstvo bankarstvo na viberuSend money quickly and easily to your friends from your Viber contact list! Receive and sent money to your Viber contacts - without having to enter the account number.

  • Mastercard Shopping Credit card
    • shopping kartica kupovina na rateA credit card to pay in instalments WITHOUT ANY INTEREST at almost 3,000 points of sale, in up to 24 instalments.

  • Visa Magic credit card
    • visa magic kreditna karticaWith this credit card you can withdraw cash at ATMs at home and abroad in up to 36 instalments FREE OF CHARGE!

  • ORYX Assistance
    • oryx asistencija pomoc na cestiRoad side assistance
      Your car has broken down? Your car needs to be towed or you need a replacement car? Call the free number 080 080 044 if you are in the country, or + 387 33 901 084 if you are abroad, and you will get assistance for your specific need.Learn more on this web site www.rba.oryx-assistance.com

      oryx asistencija putni andjeoAdditional benefit Road Angel  
      Road Angel is an application that automatically dials  the ORYX Assistance Call Centre in case of an accident or car breakdown, which in turn will  alert the first aid facilities. Road Angel will also alert you if you are speeding or need a driving break.