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Card Acceptance at Points of Sale (POS)

Pay with cards and reduce the risk of cash handling!

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  • Plaćajte jednostavnije, brže i sigurnije uz mogućnost beskontaktnog plaćanja

    Pay easier, faster and safer

  • Plaćajte na rate

    Pay in instalments

  • Ostvarite popuste pri kupovini

    Get discounts for your purchases

Contactless payment

  • Pay in three steps
    • The merchant enters the purchase amount; You lean your card on the POS reader; When you hear the beep, the payment is complete

  • For fast payments
    • For purchases of KM 30 or less, no PIN or signature on the slip/bill is required

  • For safe and easy payments
    • You make your contactless payment by yourself and the card remains in your possession all the time. There is no possibility to pay accidentally in passing, and each new transaction has to be re-initiated.