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Raiffeisen direct phone

Automatically check your account balance by the phone!

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Raiffeisen direct phone


Call Raiffeisen Direct Phone to check your account balance!

  • What is Raiffeisen Direct phone
    • Raiffeisen Direct Phone is an automated service that allows you to check your account balance any time by calling the Raiffeisen Direct Info number 081 92 92 92. 

      To check the balance on your debit card, credit card, current account, gyro account or saving account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all over the year, use our automated service Raiffeisen Direct Phone by calling Raiffeisen Direct Info 081 92 92 92. The Raiffeisen Direct Info needs to be activated to provide you with a PIN for this service.

  • How to check your account balance
    • When your call has been answered, just follow the simple voice instructions to check your account balance: 

      Call 081 92 92 92

      Once you have reached Raiffeisen Direct Info, you have access to the main menu. 

      For the account balance check option, first dial 3.

      Then you will be asked to dial 1.

      When you have dialled 1, you will hear the message "Please enter your account number".

      Enter your account number and press the bar button (#) for confirmation.  
      For debit cards, please enter the 16-digit transaction account number and your PIN*.

  • Instructions for savings and gyro accounts
    • For savings and gyro accounts please enter the 11-digit account number and your PIN*.  If the savings account or gyro account number contains a hyphen, please enter an asterisk. 

  • Instructions for credit cards
    • For credit cards, please enter the 11-digit card account number and your PIN*.

      After that you will hear the message: “Please enter your PIN*“.

      Please confirm your correct PIN* entry by pressing the bar button (#)..

      To return to the previous level at any time during your contact with Raiffeisen Direct, please dial 9.

      *Note: PIN means the code given to you by Raiffeisen Bank for the Raiffeisen Direct Phone service, not the PIN tied to your payment cards.