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Documentary Business Products

Security instruments for local and international collection and settlement

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Rely on our professional support in your documentary business!

If you make local and international transactions and want to keep high quality and secured cooperation with your partners, our security instruments will allow you to plan more efficiently and additionally secure your payments. 


  • Smanjite rizik poslovanja

    Business risk mitigation

    Collection and settlement securing and partnership relations’ strengthening 

  • Savjetovanje i stručna podrška

    Consulting and professional support

    Our well-experienced documentary business team will give you its professional opinion on the instruments and assist you in additional business risk mitigation

  • Međunarodna bankarska grupacija

    International banking group

    We are a member of wide correspondent banks network of Raiffeisen Bank International


  • What are the guarantees?
    • Security instruments mitigate risks in debtor-creditor relations. Guarantee is the most frequently used security instrument issued by the bank upon request by a customer (Principal). By issuing a guarantee the Bank undertakes to settle the possible outstanding overdue payables of its customer (Principal) to the third party (Guarantee Beneficiary) provided all terms and conditions set in the guarantee are met. 


  • More about guarantees
    • In addition to regular local and international business guarantees, Raiffeisen bank issues special guarantees tailored to fit your needs:

      Performance guarantees
      Bid bonds
      Payment guarantees
      Warranty guarantees
      Advance guarantees
      Customs guarantees

Letters of credit

  • What are the letters of credit?
    • A letter of credit constitutes an undertaking of a bank (issuing bank) to do the following upon order and instructions of the customer (applicant):

      Authorise another bank to accept (negotiate) the document provided that the payment conditions are complied with

      Authorise another bank to pay on the terms of a letter of credit

      Pay a certain amount to a third party

  • More about Letters of credit
    • Letter of credit is a security instruments that business partners under international transactions use to additionally secure their deals and reduce collection risks arising from transactions with new partners.
      Upon the customer’s (importer’s) request and instructions, the bank undertakes to effect payments to the exporter’s bank in line with the regular export documentation defined by the relevant letter of credit.
      Import letter of credit is issued upon the importer’s request, and the importer’s bank opens it and undertakes to settle it once the exporter presents it regular export documentation.

      Export letter of credit is issued in favour of the exporter through its commercial bank that communicated the issue to the exporter.

Documentary collection

  • Documentary collection (incasso documents)
    • In documentary collection the exporter orders the bank in writing to hand over to the importer the documents underlying the importer’s disposal of goods. The documents hand over to the importer is conditioned by its’ meeting the collection terms and conditions.

      In export collection the customer of Raiffeisen bank is the exporter and Raiffeisen bank itself is responsible for submitting the collection documents to its correspondent incasso bank which is usually the commercial bank of the importer. 

  • More about Documentary collection (incasso documents)
    • In import collection, the customer of Raiffeisen bank is the importer and Raiffeisen bank itself is the incasso bank which, once the incasso terms and conditions are met, and upon the request and order of its correspondent remitting bank being the commercial bank of the exporter, hands over the incasso documents to the importer (the customer of Raiffeisen bank).

Backed Bills

  • Backed Bills
    • Bill guarantee – AVAL is a commitment by the Bank to pay the bill of exchange in favour of the bearer at the maturity date, in case the debtor does not fulfil their obligation.

      A bank-backed bill of exchange is a liquid payment security instrument. It allows the customer/debtor to boost sales and turnover on the one hand, and to draw on discounts, rebates and similar benefits on the other hand.


  • More information
    • It allows the customer/debtor to boost sales and turnover on the one hand, and to draw on discounts, rebates and similar benefits on the other hand.

      Buyers who purchase goods with a backed bill of exchange are enabled to pay on a later date, thus directly bolstering their company’s liquidity.


  • Forfaiting (purchase of foreign receivables)
    • Forfaiting (purchase of receivables) is a product intended for corporate customers active in the export business.

      Forfaiting is a quick and flexible way of financing. The customer is paid out the nominal amount of the receivables less the discount, by transfer to its account.


  • More information about forfaiting (purchase of foreign receivables)
    • Raiffeisen bank purchases the customer’s foreign receivables arising from deliveries of goods and services that have been agreed with payment deferral. The receivables must be secured by a documentary letter of credit, a bank guarantee or a backed bill.

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