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Otkrijte zašto su naši Premium klijenti zadovoljni RaiConnect aplikacijom


Dr. Denis Mačkić, vlasnik kardiološke i internističke ordinacije Mačkić:
“Obzirom da posao doktora zahtjeva česte dežure, drago mi je da ne moram ići u poslovnicu banke, već putem RaiConnect aplikacije, sa ličnim bankarom mogu razgovarati kada meni odgovara i dobiti neophodni finansijski savjet.” 

What is RaiConnect?


We present RaiConnect to you! 

Simpler and more advanced way of communication and doing business with the Bank which enables cooperation with your personal banker without visiting a branch.

Thanks to modern technology, save your precious time, make faster requests and minimise your visits to the branch by selecting RaiConnect service as a communication channel with your personal banker. !

RaiConnect application of Raiffeisen Bank is a new way to connect and communicate with your personal banker. Through RaiConnect you can:

• communicate with Bank,

• exchange documents,

• make audio or video calls and

• share your screens.

You can return to a previous communication at any time and exchange documents. And of course, communication through RaiConnect is secure.

A short user guide you can find by clicking HERE.



Benefits of Premium banking from the convenience of your home or office

•  Don’t worry about traffic jams and looking for a place to park your car- hold a meeting with your personal banker through a video call.


Faster realisation of requests

•  With your personal banker, you will easily agree on solving all of your requests and new products and services according to your needs without visiting a branch.

How to start?


RaiConnect is currently available to Premium customers who receive an invitation from the Bank through e-mail.

•  If you are a Premium customer of Raiffeisen Bank - send a request to your personal banker for the RaiConnect service.

•  If you want to become a Premium customer of Raiffeisen Bank – apply for a Set of services for the Premium customers and then send a request to your personal banker for activation of the RaiConnect service.