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Short-term loans


Short-term loans allow you to overcome any current liquidity problems, finance your current operations (payment of goods, purchase of inventories, settlement of trade payables) or refinance existing debts.

If the customer needs to finance its current operations, settle trade payables, procure goods or refinance existing debts, there are different forms of loan facilities available in Raiffeisen Bank.  Depending on a specific situation within your company, we will help you in finding a kind of solution that best suits your needs.

Offer of short-term loans

  • Overdraft facility
    • An overdraft facility provides for a more flexible financing of current operating needs of your company. Your transaction account funds are available at all times to be used for your needs up to the approved amount.  Repayments are done automatically upon every inflow to your account. 

  • Working capital financing
    • A working capital financing facility is a loan to finance a purchase of land, material and inventories, pay trade payables, finance seasonal deals and other operating expenses and thus ensure stable cash flows for your company. 

  • Revolving loan
    • A revolving loan helps you maintain liquidity and finance occasional needs for additional working capital.  You would be approved with a framework facility to be used during availability period in a way that best suits your needs. The approved funding can be used and repaid in a single amount or incrementally.

  • More information
    • A loan amount depends on your needs and credit-worthiness.
      The loan is approved in the KM currency.
      Repayment period is up to one year.
      Possible combination of several different security instruments for this loan.

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