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Macroeconomic indicators

GDP and real economy           
Nominal GDP (EUR bn)13.012.713.013.413.413.714.014.615.316.117.0
Real GDP (% yoy)5.4-
Nominal GDP per capita (EUR)3,3363,2483,3283,4483,4523,5313,6143,7843,9674,1794,421
Industrial output (real, % yoy)7.3-
Retail trade index (real, % yoy)n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Household consumption (real, % yoy)5.3-4.50.1-0.2-
Gross fixed capital formation (real, % yoy)14.9-28.3-15.614.14.0-
Exports of goods and services (real, % yoy)1.2-
Imports of goods and services (real, % yoy)10.1-
Balance of Payments           
C/A balance (EUR bn)-1.8-0.8-0.8-1.3-1.2-0.7-1.0-0.8-0.8-0.8-1.0
C/A balance (in % of GDP)-13.8-6.4-6.0-9.5-8.6-5.3-7.4-5.7-5.1-5.0-5.9
Secondary income (EUR bn)
Secondary income (in % of GDP)15.013.513.913.514.013.814.512.511.911.211.9
Net inflow of FDI (EUR bn)
Net inflow of FDI (in % of GDP)
Export of goods (EUR bn)
Import of goods (EUR bn)
Trade balance (EUR bn)-4.9-3.5-3.3-3.7-3.8-3.5-3.8-3.5-3.4-3.6-3.7
Trade balance (in % of GDP)-37.5-27.5-25.7-27.8-28.2-25.4-27.5-24.0-22.6-22.5-21.8
Foreign reserves (EUR bn)
Prices, wages, unemplyoment           
Consumer prices (avg, % yoy)7.4-
Producer prices (avg, % yoy)8.6-
Unemployment rate (avg, %)23.424.127.227.628.027.527.527.725.420.518
Average monthly gross wages (EUR)569.2615.3622.0649.7659.7660.2659.3659.2665.0673.9708.1
Average gross wages (LCY, % yoy)
Fiscal position           
General budget balance (% of GDP)-2.2-4.4-2.5-1.3-2.0-2.2-
Public debt (% of GDP)29.033.437.438.040.038.942.141.840.440.840.0
Public debt (EUR bn)
External debt   (EUR bn)
Internal debt (EUR bn)
Banking sector indicators           
Total Assets (EUR mn)10.610.610.611.011.211.812.312.813.314.315.3
Total Assets (in % of GDP)81.383.281.981.983.686.187.987.387.389.290.4
Total loans (EUR mn)
Total deposits (EUR mn)
Non-performing Loans (%) - NPL3.15.911.411.813.515.114.213.711.810.89.8
Return on Assets (%) - ROA0.40.1-
Return on Equity (%) - ROE4.20.8-