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Raiffeisen Mobile Banking – R’m’B

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Plaćajte iz sigurnosti Vašeg doma!


Sigurnost i zdravlje naših klijenata i zaposlenika nam je na prvom mjestu.

Podržite  sigurnost svih nas i obavljajte Vaše transakcije bez odlaska u poslovnicu Banke.

Koristite aplikaciju Raiffeisen Mobilno Bankarstvo i plaćajte iz sigurnosti Vašeg doma.


NAPOMENA: Stara aplikacija Raiffeisen Mobilno Bankarstvo nije dostupna od 01.08.2020. Svi klijenti koji još uvijek koriste staru aplikaciju RmB treba da u što kraćem roku preuzmu novu aplikaciju Raiffeisen Mobilno Bankarstvo klikom na:

google play mobilnoAppStore mobilno

Raiffeisen Mobile Banking – R’m’B


Nowadays we use smart phones for almost any purpose. Why shouldn't we use them for our banking matters? With our mobile banking service, you can use financial services via your mobile phone.


  •  Uslugu možete koristiti 24 sata dnevno

    You have access to your money any time

    You have quick and simple access to your accounts and can make transactions 24 hours per day

  • Poslujte s Bankom sigurno

    Bank with us safely

    Guaranteed confidentiality thanks to state-of-the-art security technology. A one-time PIN for access to the application guarantees security and privacy of transactions

  • Štedite Vaš novac

    Save your money

    Favourable fees for order execution

  • Štedite Vaše vrijeme

    Save your time

    No waiting in line at the branches

What can you do with Raiffeisen mobile banking?

  • Check your account balance and details
  • Check your account movements
  • Transfer funds to your personal accounts and other private and corporate customers' accounts at Raiffeisen Bank
  • Transfer funds to private and corporate customers’ accounts with other banks in the country
  • Make foreign currency conversions
  • Get an list of Raffeisen branch and ATM locations;

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Who can register to Raiffeisen Mobile Banking?

  • You can register to Raiffeisen Mobile Banking if you hold a current account at our bank (Maestro/Visa debit card) and have a mobile phone with internet access
  • All you have to do is to hand in a completed and signed Application Form at your nearest branch
  • If you are already registered to our Raiffeisen online banking service, you can use it to get the mobile banking service

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Klikom na dugme Web Call aktivirat ćete uslugu Raiffeisen Web Call  i ostvariti besplatan poziv prema našim operaterima u Kontakt centru.