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Contactless payment with mobile phone at POS terminals!

No card. No cash. No Internet!

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Plaćajte mobitelom!

  • You can now pay with your mobile phone, even faster and simpler, at all sales locations with the contactless symbol.


    No card. No cash. No Internet!

Advantages of the m-pay service

  • Brzo i jednostavno

    Fast and simple

    Just lean your mobile phone on the contactless POS terminal and the payment is done

  • Visok nivo sigurnosti

    High level of security

    Pay by entering the m-pay password known only to you or with your fingerprint

  • Prihvaćeno na svim mjestima*

    Acceptance at all locations*

    *Use the m-pay application at all contactless POS terminals in the country and abroad, without Internet connection!

Plaćanje putem aplikacije m-plati


    The merchant enters the purchase amount



    Lean your smart phone on the POS reader


    When you hear the beep and get a slip, the payment is complete!

Requirements for using the m-pay application

  • Android device
    • android

      The m-pay application is available only on Android devices with 4.4 KitKat operating system as minimum requirement.

  • NFC option
    • nfc

      To pay with m-pay, turn on the NFC (Near Field Communication) option on your Android device

  • Active Raiffeisen card
    • kartice

      All you need to have is one active debit or credit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank.

Service activation steps


1. Complete the Application form> at your nearest Bank branch

2. You will be assigned an Access code

3. The SMS code will be delivered to you via SMS

4. Download the m-pay application by using Google Play

5. After you enter the Access code and SMS password, the application will require you to create your own password which you will use for further use of the application and verification of transactions – m-pay password which is known only to you

Additional note:


The MasterCard Shopping card cannot be used for payment in instalments via the m-pay service.   If you want to pay in instalments by this card, at POS terminal you need to use your Shopping Card instead of your smart phone.