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Pensioners’ Account Set

Enjoy your golden age!

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Pensioners’ Account Set


Retirement means carefree days. You now have a great deal of spare time. Enjoy it and let us take care of your financials. Account set for pensioners is a smart solution that provides you with a perfect blend of financial products and services.

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Get your benefits

  • Plaćajte jednostavnije i povoljnije

    24% lower fee for the use of all products and services included in the Account

  • Uštedite za iznos mjesečne naknade

    Lower interest rates on loans at Raiffeisen Bank

  • Budite sigurni

    Feel secured

    Only within the account package we offer you a current account / debit card security.

How to apply for a Pensioners’ Account Set?


Raiffeisen Bank has made it possible to submit online debit card requests, with only one visit to the Bank's branch office when it is taken over. Apply for your card already! or fill out the card application and submit a copy of the ID card and CIPS application form to you at the nearest branch office of the Bank.

For carefree days



KM 3.99

monthly if it is included in the set

The Account Set includes:

Current account

Direct SMS
Standing order
Current account statement
Raiffeisen Direct Phone

Automated account balance check via phone

On-line banking 

PLUS the benefits in the Account Set:

Payment of bills in BiH via on-line and mobile banking

>LOWER fee

Monthly maintenance of sight account


UNIQA benefits in the Account Set:

Current account holder insurance

Benefits for a third party vehicle insurance policy

Benefits for a voluntary health insurance policy


Products and additional benefits

  • The following products are included in the Pensioners’ Account Set:
    • A debit card/current account,  providing you with  access to your money 24 hours a day at more than 260 Raiffeisen AMTs across the country

      An overdraft (spending limit) on your debit card/current account, with extra money always at your fingertips.

      Raiffeisen Online Banking

      SMS service  – Raiffeisen Direct SMS

      Automated account balance check via phone

      Standing Order - if you make out a standing order to us, we will take care of your recurring monthly payments

      Account statement (E-statement, Mini statement at Raiffeisen ATMs)

      Up to 80% lower fees for transactions made via Raiffeisen Online Banking – compared to the fees at our branches

      Free-of-charge sight account maintenance

  • Make use of the following insurance benefits that come with the account set
    • Insurance for the current account / debit card holder

      Road assistance service if you take out a third party vehicle insurance policy via UNIQA Insurance

      Free-of-charge mediation in vehicle registration if you take out a third party vehicle insurance policy via UNIQA Insurance

      Special benefits for a voluntary health insurance policy for children 

  • UNIQA benefits
    • Current account / debit card security

      Roadside Assistance Services When Concluding a Car Insurance Policy through UNIQA Insurance

      Free brokerage service in case the client concludes the insurance policy for auto liability through UNIQA insurance,

      Benefits when concluding voluntary health insurance schemes for children