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Životno osiguranje

Potreban Vam je osjećaj dodatne sigurnosti za Vas i Vašu porodicu?

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Life insurance


You need additional peace of mind for you and your family? Opt for life insurance which provides you with financial security and other benefits as well.


  • Osnovni rizik koji možete pokriti je smrt osiguranika

    The main risk you can cover is the death of the insured person

  • Imate osjećaj dugoročne sigurnosti

    You will have a feeling of lasting security

  • Premija osiguranja se prilagođava Vama

    The insurance premium will be adjusted to you

  • Štedite

    You save money

  • Dostupna Vam je optimalna kombinacija životnog osiguranja i osiguranja od nezgode

    You have an optimum combination of life insurance and accident insurance available

  • What can be covered by life insurance?
    • Endowment insurance - when the insurance term has expired, you will be paid the insured sum and the calculated share in the profit.

      Death insurance (death by disease or accident)  - the insured sum (identical to the endowment amount) will be paid at the time of death together with the profit share calculated until then.

  • Why should you have a life insurance?
    • Because this insurance provides you with:

      Social function - it gives you peace of mind,

      Financial security for you and your family,

      Financial benefits - it is a type of saving, where the accumulated funds will be paid out in case of endowment,

      Other benefits - You can use your policy as a security (pledge purpose), you participate in the insurance company's profit and are entitled to a loan,

      With additional access and permanent coverage in case of injury.

  • We can offer you the following types of life insurance
    • Death insurance with a fixed term,

      Endowment insurance with a fixed term,

      Whole life insurance

      Combined insurance - death and endowment insurance with a fixed term.

Programi životnog osiguranja