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UNIQO child insurance


We all want the best for our children, to give them careless childhood and a safe future.

Don’t wait to secure your child's future! Enable you child to have better education, to be able to buy a car, travel or make their first investment.

  • What is UNIQO child insurance?
    • It is a financial security for your child when they decide to leave home.   If the insured person dies, UNIQA Osiguranje dd takes over the obligation regarding premium payment until expiry of the policy.  If the child dies, UNIQO will return the paid premium plus the earned profit.

  • What is the age of eligibility for insured person?
    • UNIQO child insurance policy is for children aged 0 - 14, and the insurance expires between the child’s age of 18 - 25.

  • What is the insurance term?
    • It can be concluded for the period of 5 to 25 years, depending on the age of the child and insured person.

  • What are the insurance premium payment methods?
    • You can choose to pay it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

  • How is the insured sum used?
    • When your child reaches a certain age when they are sufficiently mature to make life decisions, they will be able to use the money you have been saving for their future.


      Mrs. Irma K. is a 31-year old mother who wants to secure financial future of her newborn boy Nedim, for a period of 19 years so she will be paying an annual premium of 1,200.00KM (100KM per month) during the insurance term.

We shall also reward excellent students!


If your child finishes all high school years with excellent grades, we will award them with additional 3% of the insured amount.