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Fast and good-quality payment services!

Raiffeisen Bank dd Bosna i Hercegovina offers payment services to its customers in KM and foreign currencies using state-of the art technology.


  •  Jednostavno davanje naloga

    Simple instructions

    Many innovative solutions contribute to simpler, faster and better-quality everyday business

  • Brzina provođenja naloga

    Quick implementation of instructions

    Electronic banking transactions are performed in real time

  • Različite tehnologije izvještavanja

    Various reporting technologies

    You can choose between online banking (RBBHnet), e-mail or SWIFT MT940

  • Sigurnost


    The highest security standards

  • Ušteda vremena

    Saving time

    Use RBBHnet service - you can make payment orders without a need to come to the branch, at any time and any place!

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Cashless payments

  • Making and executing of payment orders
    • Payment orders can be made by using RBBHNet service, in the branches of Raiffeisen Bank, as well as through other channels for delivering orders for International Corporate customers with centralised fund management (SWIFT MT101, CMI). 

      Times for taking and executing payment orders by the Bank are available here.

  • Domestic payments
    • With domestic payments, you can make orders for payments in B&H and for receiving payments from other local banks by crediting an account opened with the Bank.

      Domestic payment orders can be forward-dated.
      You can arrange for an automatic transfer of funds from your transaction account to another account, as instructed (emptying of an account).

      Arranging standing orders is also available, where the Bank makes the payments in line with predefined instructions on your behalf and for your account. 

  • Standing order
    • Standing order enables to you to make automatic transfer of funds from your transaction accounts opened with Raiffeisen Bank to accounts within the Bank, or transfer of funds to another local bank, for the following purposes:  

      Settlement of payables to Raiffeisen Bank (for loans, business cards, guarantees and letters of credit).

      Transfer of funds to accounts of private individuals with Raiffeisen Bank.

      Transfer of funds to a deposit account opened with Raiffeisen Bank.

      Transfer of funds to transaction accounts of legal entities in Raiffeisen Bank or other local banks.


      By signing the Standing Order Application, you authorize the bank to make payments from your accounts on predefined dates and in regular time intervals.

      Following your needs, the Bank enables you to contract the Direct Debit standing orders for legal entities.

  • Disbursement of salaries
    • In order to facilitate your business operations, we have many options available for submitting the orders and disbursing the salaries:

      • Individual orders,
      • Salary disbursements based on the lists through RBBHnet service
      • Delivery of electronic lists for salaries and other personal income and salary attachments.
      • More Information: Text for delivery of an electronic list is provided below:   

      Electronic list is a list of salaries and other personal income and salary attachments of your employees created in the Microsoft Excel format (*.xls).

      All you need to do is >

  • International payments
    • With international payments, you can make orders for payments abroad and for receiving payments from abroad in favour of an account opened with Raiffeisen Bank.

      You can check your international bank account number (IBAN) for your account with Raiffeisen Bank here.

      As a member of Raiffeisen Banking Group, we can offer you all advantages of payments within RBI Group (IGP payments - Inter Group Payments).

      IGP involves payments and collection of payments in EUR currency between the customers of Raiffeisen Group in Central and Eastern Europe with advantages of favourable fees and execution of payments on the same day (D+0).

Cash payments

  • Cash payments
    • Cash payments with Raiffesen Bank enable you to withdraw cash and make cash payments.

      Cash withdrawals and cash payments are available in the branches of Raiffeisen Bank.

      Cash payments are also possible on day/night cash machines on some bank locations and cashpoint ATMs.

      Collection and processing of large quantities of cash are possible through our daily takings collection service on your location (security briefcase).  

  • More information on day/night cash machine
    • Day/night cash machine is a form of self-service equipment that is available 24/7. It is intended for cash depositing and keeping, primarily outside the Bank’s business hours. To be able to use day/night cash machine, you need to open a transaction account with Raiffeisen bank and conclude an agreement on using day/night cash machine.

  • More information on security briefcase
    • With our cash collection service, we collect your day’s cash income (daily takings) in local or foreign currency banknotes at your business locations; transport the money safely to Raiffeisen BANK DD Bosna i Hercegovina, handle the shipment and credit the amounts to your account.

      To be able to use the security briefcase service, you need to open a transaction account with Raiffeisen bank and conclude an agreement on using this service.

      Click here to download the order form for cash collection in a security briefcase

Instrukcija za isplatu mjesečnih primanja


U cilju optimizacije procesa i poboljšanja kvaliteta usluge, te pojednostavljenja i povećanja sigurnosti razmjene podataka, Raiffeisen banka je kreirala formu spiska za isplate mjesečnih primanja u elektronskoj formi, koja će Vam osigurati brže, jednostavnije i sigurnije evidentiranje mjesečnih primanja Vaših zaposlenika.