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Account set


Use more and pay less for a single monthly fee.

Which sets of products and services does Raiffeisen Bank have in its SME offer?



  • Doing business with the bank is easier and faster
    • A wide range of products and services, as well as additional benefits available to the Account Set holder, by signing just one agreement - without the need to arrange each product individually

  • Low costs and savings
    • With Raiffeisen product sets, you pay lower costs compared to what you would pay for each individual product and service

      With an Account Set, you can save the following amounts per year:

      KM 591 on the Standard Set

      KM 812 on the Comfort Set

      KM 1,082 on the Exclusive Set

      Overview of all savings on account sets you can find here>

  • Assistance when you need it
    • With Raiffeisen account sets you are entitled to Raiffeisen Assistance - a wide range of road assistance services

Product & Services of an Account set


Raiffeisen SME paketi računu





  • How to arrange a Raiffeisen Bank Account Set?
    • While opening your account, you can ask to arrange the account set of your choice. If you already have a transaction account at our bank, just ask for an Account Set by completing the application for the Set of products and services.

  • More about Raiffeisen assistance
    • Raiffeisen Asisstance  means a wide range of road assistance services provided in the country and in Europe in case of a technical defect, defect caused by the service user or road accident with a passenger car, minivan  or commercial vehicle.

      Raiffeisen Assistance includes intervention, breakdown service, hotel booking and car rental, and abroad it also includes car replacement if needed, as well as organising the continuation of your trip or return journey.

      How to get Raiffeisen Assistance

      Call +387 33 282 120 to get road assistance

      The user phone is available 24/7, 365 days a year and can be contacted from the country or from abroad.

  • More about the Billing Service
    • Discount on transactions – Billing is a special transaction billing concept developed especially for Account Set holders. Billing enables account set holders to get discounts on the standard transaction billing price, depending on how often they use certain transactions in a certain period.

      Billing transactions include not only money movements between accounts with our bank but also payments to other local banks (giro clearing, RTGS transactions).