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Elegant Account


For you as a Premium customer, we have created a special set of banking and non-banking products.  The ELEGANT set also comes with additional benefits. Pay a single monthly fee and make significant savings compared to what you would pay for each individual product and service.

You are eligible for an ELEGANT set if you receive your salary into a debit card/current account at Raiffeisen Bank and have Premium customer status


  • Plaćajte jedinstvenu mjesečnu naknadu - 10,99 KM

    Pay a single monthly fee of 10.99 KM

    Save more than 70% by paying a single fee for the use of all products and services included in the ELEGANT Set.

  • Ostvarite povoljnije uslove za kredite

    Get favourable loan terms

    Lower interest rates and management fees for loans at Raiffeisen Bank.

  • Nudimo Vam osjećaj dodatne sigurnosti

    We offer you additional peace of mind

    Various discounts, warranties and insurance products for additional peace of mind.

  • Koristite Raiffeisen NET servise bez mjesečne naknade

    Use Raiffeisen NET services without a monthly fee

    Save up to 80% on transaction fees compared to the fees at our branches.

  • The account set enables you to use these products and services
    • Debit card/current account

      Overdraft on the debit card/current account

      VISA GOLD Credit Card

      MasterCard/VISA revolving credit card

      MasterCard Shopping Credit card

      VISA Magic Credit Card

      Standing order

      Account statement (E-statement, Mini statement at Raiffeisen ATMs)

      SMS service - Raiffeisen Direct SMS

      Raiffeisen Online Banking

      Raiffeisen Mobile Banking – R'm'B

      SMS info - on changes in the Shopping card account

      Lower loan interest rates

      Lower loan management fee

      Lower fees for payments via Raiffeisen Online Banking or Mobile Banking R'm'B to corporate accounts

      No fees for payments via Raiffeisen Online Banking or Mobile Banking R'm'B to corporate accounts held at Raiffeisen Bank

      No fee for cash withdrawals at Raiffeisen ATMs in the country with the VISA Magic card

      No maintenance fees for gyro accounts and sight accounts

      Discounts from merchants and instalment payments with the Shopping card

      Payment and cash advances in instalments with the VISA Magic card

      Free access to the Business Lounge at Sarajevo Airport with the MasterCard GOLD card

  • Detailed information on the safety-related benefits of the Elegant set
    • Roadside assistance services when concluding third-party vehicle insurance (AO) through UNIQA insurance (PNC)

      Free-of-charge vehicle registration if you take out a third-party vehicle insurance policy through UNIQA insurance (PNCB)

      10% price discount if you take out a property insurance policy -  Home Standard and Home Exclusive - with UNIQA insurance for your apartment or house  

      Debit card/current account insurance

      Credit card insurance

      Extended  manufacturer warranty for products paid with the Shopping or VISA GOLD Card

      Shopping with added value with the VISA Magic card - loss compensation in case the purchased goods are flawed or stolen

      Discounts on medical services with partner clinics of UNIQA Insurance

      Discounts on premium payments on UNIQA life insurance

      Discounts on various UNIQA Insurance products