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  • Brzo i jednostavno provođenje transakcija uz mogućnost beskontaktnog plaćanja te autorizacija PIN-om ili potpisom

    Quick and easy transaction with the possibility of contactless payment and PIN or signature authorization

  • Prihvat svih kartica na tržištu

    Prihvat svih kartica na tržištu

    MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners

  • Siguran način plaćanja

    Safe way of payment

    Using POS reduces the risk of cash transactions and ensures bill security

  • Povećanje prodaje roba i usluga uslijed mogućnosti prihvata različitih kartičnih proizvoda

    Increase in sales of goods and services due to the ability to accept different cards

  • Mogućnost plaćanja na rate i popusti pri kupovini

    Possibility of payment on installments and discounts on purchases

  • POS terminali pružaju bolju mogućnost operativne kontrole i monitoringa provedenih transakcija

    POS terminals provides better operational control and monitoring of transactions

  • More about Raiffeisen POS terminals
    • Raiffeisen POS terminals are devices for paying goods and services through payment cards in a fast, easy and secure way.

      Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) POS devices Raiffeisen Bank is an electronic communication system that connects the consumer, bank and trade, and makes a complete payment transaction of goods and services secure, reliable and automated.

      You will also have mobile POS terminals of Raiffeisen Bank that are not connected to a constant power supply or a fixed telephone line as communication is provided through GPRS technology.

  • Make contract for Raiffeisen POS terminal
    • To install a POS terminal, please complete the installation request that is located on the web site.

      Fill out the completed, signed and stamped request and send it by e-mail to posinfo@raiffeisengroup.ba after which you will be contacted by the Bank for contract settlement and POS installation.


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