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Fund Administration


Raiffeisen BANK is the first depositary bank in the capital market of Bosnia and Herzegovina offering the investment fund services. We have extensive knowledge and long-standing experience in keeping fund assets, managing fund assets’ special accounts and performing other operations in line with the legal provisions and regulations of the FB&H Securities Commission.

  • Who may use our fund administration services?
    • Our services are available to the investment fund management companies, licensed by the FB&H Securities Commission for establishing and managing investment funds, and the very investment funds

Fund administration implies the following:

  • Keeping fund assets and maintaining special fund accounts

  • Unit purchase and payment and profit disbursement to open-ended investment fund unit holders

  • Determining net value of individual fund share or unit as required by the legal regulations

  • Executing securities and other asset transactions ordered by fund management companies in line with the applicable regulations

  • Collecting all types of revenues and exercising other rights for the account of the fund and which arise from the fund’s assets

  • Ensuring that funds use their revenues and settle their payables as required under applicable regulations

  • Performing other operations agreed with individual fund management company in accordance with the Law and regulations.

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