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Raiffeisen SMS Info


The Raiffeisen SMS Info service is intended for business customers holding a  SME Product  and Service Set.


  • Account balance inquiry by texting a message to us 24 hours a day

    Account balance inquiry by texting a message to us 24 hours a day

    When registering to the service you can indicate the accounts and the users (up to five users per company) who will be granted authority to send account balance inquiries.

  • Daily account balance statement

    Daily account balance statement

    You can receive information about the movements on your account for the previous day.   You can choose the time of the day at which you want to receive the statement (8am, 12noon or 4pm each day).  

    The daily account statement will only be delivered if there have been any movements on the respective transaction account.

+ How to send a message


To receive information about the balance on the designated account (foreign currency or transaction account) you need to send a text message from the reported mobile phone number, indicating the number of that account, e.g: 161xxxxxxxxxxxxx or 06xxxxxxxx , at the phone number 066 171 171.

You will then receive a text message from us with the actual balance on the account, the available balance and the overdraft expiry date.

For additional information please call 033/755-045