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POS terminals

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Benefits of POS terminals

  • Brzo i jednostavno provođenje transakcija uz mogućnost beskontaktnog plaćanja te autorizacija PIN-om ili potpisom

    Quick and simple transaction execution with the possibility of contactless payment and authorisation by PIN or signature

  • Prihvat svih kartica na tržištu

    Acceptance of all cards in the market

    MasterCard, MasterCard Shopping card, Maestro, Visa/Visa Electron, American Express, Diners

  • Siguran način plaćanja

    Secure payment method

    The use of POS reduces the risk of cash business and guarantees payment collection

    There is no possibility of accidental payment in passing, as each transaction requires a new card initiation.

  • Povećanje prodaje roba i usluga uslijed mogućnosti prihvata različitih kartičnih proizvoda

    Increases sales volumes of goods and services, as various card products are accepted

  • Mogućnost plaćanja na rate i popusti pri kupovini

    Possibility to pay in instalments and get sales discounts

  • POS terminali pružaju bolju mogućnost operativne kontrole i monitoringa provedenih transakcija

    POS terminals allow you to better track and monitor your transactions

  • More about Raiffeisen POS terminal
    • Raiffeisen POS terminals are devices that accept cards to pay for goods and services in a quick, simple and secure way

      EFT (Electronic fund transfer) POS devices of Raiffeisen Bank are an electronic communication system that connects the user (consumer), the bank and the retailer, making the entire payment transaction secure, reliable and automated.

      Raiffeisen POS terminals have the pre-authorisation functionality, which means “booking” in the businesses where this is required (hospitality sector, car rental and similar branches)

      We also offer you mobile POS terminals of Raiffeisen bank, as they do not depend on permanent power supply or a fixed phone line; communication is secured by GPRS technology.

  • Arrange a Raiffeisen POS terminal
    • To have a POS terminal installed, please complete the device installation application available on the web site.

      Please scan the completed, signed and stamped application and send it by e.mail to  posinfo@raiffeisengroup.ba. You will then be contacted by the bank to sign the agreement and have the POS installed.   

      If you need more information please call  033 755 045


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