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Working capital finance

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Working capital finance


Adjust your daily and occasional financing needs to the dynamics of your business and provide your business with a stable cash flow 


  • Brza i jednostavna realizacija kredita

    Quick and simple loan handling

  • U mogućnosti ste kombinirati različite instrumente osiguranja

    You can combine various security instruments

  • Cjelokupan proces realizacije kredita od prikupljanja podataka do isplate se odvija u kratkom vremenskom roku

    The entire loan process from data collection to disbursement is very short

  • Additional Info
    • The loan amount depends on your needs and credit standing, and ranges from a minimum amount of KM 5,000 to a maximum amount depending on your credit rating.

      The loan is approved in the BAM currency, with or without a currency clause.

      The repayment period is up to 36 months