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Revolving loan


If you need a loan to maintain liquidity and finance occasional needs for additional working capital, you have a Revolving loan available. The specificity of this loan is that there is no pre-defined number of payments or disbursements, but that you are able to use the loan amount as per your needs


  • Jednostavno raspolaganje sredstvima

    Easy access to resources

    You can use and return resources simultaneously or successively on multiple amounts

  • Plaćate kamate samo na iznos koji iskoristite

    Pay only interest on the amount you use

    The interest rate is only calculated for the used part of the loan, not the total amount approved

  • More info
    • The loan amount depends on your needs and credit standing, and ranges from a minimum amount of KM 10,000 to maximum amount depending on your credit rating.

      The loan is approved in the BAM currency, with or without a currency clause.

      The repayment period is up to 12 mounth.